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World Data Lab collaborates with organizations as they work to reach their unique goals. We design custom data models using a robust toolkit of 21st century methods using our clients' own datasets or those of our strategic data provider partners. Our global thought leaders, renowned data scientists, and skilled designers develop custom curricular content and webtools to help users discover key insights through data. 

That Inspires


Our Design and Development teams build webtools that win hearts and capture imaginations. Winning plaudits from influencers such as David Kantor, Bill Gates, Steven Pinker, and Fareed Zakaria, World Data Lab's products inspire conversations by letting users easily find insights hiding inside the data.


Our World Poverty Clock draws upon a scientifically peer-reviewed and published methodology to visualize and forecast the incidence of extreme poverty in every country—globally, in real-time. The tool presents poverty data in a standardized manner so comparison across countries and time is feasible. Country-level poverty estimates and projections are also included, and subnational poverty forecasts for select countries worldwide provide granular detail. Data is disaggregated by age, gender, and rural/urban proximity, so communities with acute poverty challenges can be pinpointed effectively.

World Water

Water is increasingly viewed as a key driver of both poverty reduction and conflict worldwide. While the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to focus the world's attention on this stark reality, advocates and decision-makers across the globe need better tools and data to be able to drive the change necessary for solving compound problems created by our common need for water.


The World Water Clock provides real-time estimates of how many people are water scarce around the globe. Users can explore each country's current and expected water trajectory using a consistent and comparable global dataset developed by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).


The World Water Clock provides real-time estimates of water availability in every country of the world. Users can explore the degree to which water is available for different forms of human use—agriculture, industry, human consumption, and energy production—in any country.


The World Water Clock provides real-time estimates of water reliability in every country across the globe. Users can explore the degree to which shortages in water supply are affected by constraints in infrastructure and other physical features worldwide.

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Data's Potential

World Data Lab's Design and Development teams work with clients to bring data to life. We are able to deliver web tool projects at all stages of the product life cycle including conception, design, development, testing, deployment, and iteration.