Half the world is middle class

See exactly where the future of the global middle class will be. Our global subnational model gives leading businesses granular market information segmented by age, gender, and geography. Half of Earth's population is either middle class or rich. By 2022, another billion people will enter the middle class. MarketPro helps businesses identify and target their future customers for 21st century products and strategies.

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Global Middle Class

MarketPro provides global middle class purchasing power data for every country in the world using a unified and standardized global data set.

Subnational Forecasts

MarketPro provides regional and city-level consumer spending estimates and projections for select countries worldwide.

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MarketPro informs analysis and decision-making at L'Oréal, HSBC, Louis Vuitton, and other organizations. Reach out to learn how Market Pro can be integrated into your organization's research, marketing, and strategy.

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Age, Gender, and Millennial Data

MarketPro provides disaggregated spending data by demographic characteristics. Consumer spending data is organized by age, gender, and generational cohort in order to help businesses and researchers pinpoint market opportunities.


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