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Data Expertise For All

To make data-driven analyses, public, private, and non-profit organizations often need more than just actionable data. They need to be able to create the underlying algorithms themselves. World Data Lab partners with clients interested in learning about the core methods and tools necessary for delivering modern data science applications.

Customized Courses

Our Data team designs customized workshops and training curricula, and delivers hands-on workshops and training. Following a preliminary consultation, our approach is to tailor-make courses to achieve specific educational outcomes including not only knowledge transfer but also relevant platform training and code delivery.

Train With Us

Collaborate with World Data Lab to learn about core analytics methods and groundbreaking new data tools, either through custom curricula, hands-on training, or a blend of both. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in data science.

Putting Our Team to Work

  • Asian Development Bank

    We designed, developed, and delivered two customized courses on Population Mapping and Poverty Estimation for the National Statistical Offices of Thailand and the Philippines.

Custom Data Modeling

Data to Meet Your Specific Needs

World Data Lab collaborates with organizations as they work to reach their unique goals. We design custom data models using a robust toolkit of 21st century methods using our clients' own datasets or those of our strategic data provider partners. Our global thought leaders, renowned data scientists, and skilled designers develop custom curricular content and webtools to help users discover key insights through data.

Data for Answering Critical Questions

We have considerable experience designing algorithms and models on behalf of clients and funders. Some of our projects included building poverty forecasts for difficult environments, creating disease prevalence and birth models at both the regional and global scale, and middle class growth estimates for India and Latin America.

Push the Boundaries of what is knowable

World Data Lab's models are built using a variety of methods, including: Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) training, Categorical Luminosity Downscaling, Twinning, Random Forest, lifetable estimation, and Beta-Lorenz curve forecasting. Our use of these and other modeling and analytical frameworks is overseen and supported by a team of advisors from both academia and Silicon Valley.

Get More Granular

Our custom models benefit from rich data sources. As a strategic partner of the OECD's PARIS21 organization, World Data Lab enjoys strong collaborative relationships with many National Statistical Offices worldwide. Additional strategic partnerships with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and GeoVille ensure that our models are supported by weather observation data (including satellite imagery), and other more experimental data sources.

Proactive Transparency

Our global team of data scientists, economists, and demographers includes some of the world's leaders in their respective fields. We are proud of our models and methods. The support we have received from leading public and private organizations speaks for itself. Partnering with World Data Lab to develop a new model means never having to worry about the integrity or credibility of data.

We offer a full range of services from model refinement and integration of additional and proprietary datasets to complete design, data sourcing, coding, and delivery.

Interactive Data Visualizations

Design That Inspires

Our award-winning design and development teams build webtools that win hearts and capture imaginations. Winning plaudits from influencers such as David Kantor, Bill Gates, Steven Pinker, and Fareed Zakaria, World Data Lab's products inspire conversations by letting users easily find insights hiding inside the data.

World Poverty Clock

Real Time Extreme Poverty Forecasts

Our World Poverty Clock draws upon a scientifically peer-reviewed and published methodology to visualize and forecast the incidence of extreme poverty in every country—globally, in real-time.

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