Our team

We are passionate about creating data and insights that can change the world. 



Through our work, we seek to make everyone count, now and in the future. Whether modeling income or demographic dynamics, we aim for our data to be a key tool in making the world a better place for all.

Rigor + Design

We are a global team of experts from diverse fields including economics, data science, technology, business development, and design. Our work ethic is driven by a healthy balance of multiculturalism, creativity, and professionalism.


We have technical depth that cuts across economics, technology, and data science. Our methods are published and subject to scrutiny. We don’t believe in “black boxes."


We represent the next generation of data science. We are both seasoned professionals and Millennial nerds. We are committed to harnessing our energy to help answer big questions—whether related to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals or informing 21st-century business strategies.