World Data Lab

making everyone count

real-time estimates of demographic data

data sets of global life expectancy

creating awareness of global poverty

forecast of income groups

71.5 years

average global life expectancy

In 2020

the global middle class will be the biggest income group

88.9 years life expectancy

loses 20.2 years with tuberculosis

20 million people

leave poverty in India every year

World Data Lab is an analytical NGO and data refinery enterprise that believes in revolutionizing and democratizing big data. We aim to make data accessible and personable not just for the public sector, but also for companies seeking refined and granular data.

personalizing big data


Data sets on the population of any country including various health risk factors.


Real-time estimates and forecasts of income groups and their purchasing power.


Creating awareness by making big data globally accessible for everyone.

world population project is the world's most complete data set on human life. It calculates the life expectancy of any person, born on any date, in any country in just a few seconds. Until now we have received 2.5 million visits and even Bill Gates endorsed it on Facebook.

We constantly create new data sets to include risk factors: diabetes, smoking, HIV, heart disease, etc. to provide an increasingly personalized and goal-oriented approach to modern medicine.


current world population

world poverty project

The World Poverty Clock is a global income database that provides real-time projections on the number of the poor of each country's population.

We aim to help spread awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (starting with the SDG 1). So we created a real-time world map, which features an on-/off-track map per country, including the speed in which a country reduces poverty.


people live in poverty

identify new customers and markets

Get more details
target-specific personas


life expectancy
that's 11.9 years more than in India


through smoking
years lost
-20% of her remaining life expectancy
Income (daily)


like 46.000 People in CANADA
Age: 32 older than 14.326.964 people in Canada

We are a group of data analysts, software developers, top-tier demographers, and researchers from government, development, and the private sector.

Our headquarters is based in Vienna and we have already built hubs in Indonesia, Kenya, and Niger, and we plan to expand to even more countries soon.